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Manga Artist in Fukuoka Faces 47M Yen Tax Evasion Charges

A manga artist from Fukuoka City, known for their work on popular manga, has been accused by the Fukuoka National Tax Bureau of failing to declare three years’ worth of income, resulting in an estimated 47 million yen in tax evasion. The accused, Erika Ikeda, 36, residing in Minami Ward, Fukuoka City, allegedly did not file tax returns on an income of approximately 260 million yen earned up to 2021, including revenue from manga illustration. The tax bureau filed a complaint with the Fukuoka District Public Prosecutors Office in February for suspected violation of the Income Tax Act. Ikeda, who operates under the pen name “Neko Kurage” and is known for illustrating the popular manga “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto,” admitted to the oversight on social media, stating, “I accept the consequences of my ignorance and feel deeply apologetic towards my supporters.” Source: NHK

Manga Artist in Fukuoka Faces 47M Yen Tax Evasion Charges Photo from Photo AC

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Published: Apr 2, 2024 / Last Updated: Apr 2, 2024

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