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Mina Tenjin Rebirth: Redefining Fukuoka’s Retail Scene

In the bustling Tenjin North area of Fukuoka City, a revamped shopping destination is set to make its grand debut next month. Mina Tenjin, which has been undergoing an extensive renovation since August of last year, is poised to re-emerge as a commercial powerhouse, boasting a total sales floor area of over 6,700 square meters. The new Mina Tenjin promises to deliver an eclectic mix of 32 tenants, a carefully curated blend of existing and new retailers eager to capitalize on the vast floor space. Fashion enthusiasts will be delighted to find Kyushu’s largest Uniqlo and GU stores, offering a comprehensive range of clothing for customers of all ages. The popular men’s clothing store AOKI and the shoe retailer ABC Mart will also maintain their presence. For those in search of lifestyle goods, the largest Loft store in Kyushu is set to relocate from Tenjin South, while eyewear retailer JINS is poised to unveil an innovative store concept that includes an in-house café. The shopping center will also welcome the debut of 3 Coins Plus, while Seria and Nitori will continue to cater to shoppers’ diverse needs. However, it’s the basement level of Mina Tenjin that has generated the most buzz. A new pop-up store, dubbed “Connected Plaza,” aims to foster connections within the community and showcase comforting products that resonate with local consumers. Additionally, a selection of restaurants, including Starbucks Coffee, McDonald’s, Yoshinoya, Hanamaru Udon, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, will provide shoppers with ample dining options. The reimagined Mina Tenjin is set to open its doors to the public on April 28th, ushering in a new era of retail excitement in Fukuoka City. Source: KBC / RKB / TNC

Mina Tenjin Rebirth: Redefining Fukuoka's Retail Scene

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Published: Mar 24, 2023 / Last Updated: Mar 24, 2023

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