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Miyazaki City Has Best Child-Rearing Environment in Japan

The Tokyo non-profit organization Egalite Otemae conducted a survey of the child-rearing environment of the larger Japanese cities, and Miyazaki City was rated as having the best such environment in the nation in 2008. They based their survey on statistics obtained from the cities for childbirth, day care, and healthcare, as well as the measures taken by each city. The reasons for Miyazaki City’s high rating included the activities to promote citizen participation in intergenerational exchange, the immediate acceptance of all children in nursery schools, and the number of nursery schools that accept children on holidays. The NPO was formed to promote the equal participation of men and women in society. Kitakyushu ranked 4th nationwide, Nagasaki City was 6th, and Oita City was 9th.

Published: Jul 2, 2009 / Last Updated: Jul 2, 2009

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