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Miyazaki Welcomes Golf Industry at AGTC 2023

Japan hosted its first and one of Asia’s largest golf trade shows, the “Asia Golf Tourism Convention (AGTC) 2023,” in Miyazaki City, which took place over three days. Organized by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (headquartered in the UK), the event brought together over 300 participants from 35 countries and regions, including travel agencies, golf courses, golf resorts, and hotels. AGTC had been held in various Asian countries since 2012 but faced cancellations in 2020 and 2021 due to the global spread of COVID-19. Source: Nikkei

Miyazaki Welcomes Golf Industry at AGTC 2023Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash

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Miyazaki Prefecture
Published: Mar 15, 2023 / Last Updated: Mar 15, 2023

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