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More Details On Fukuoka’s First Coronavirus / COVID-19 Infection

The following text is from Fukuoka City Mayor, Soichiro Takashima’s Facebook timeline. Fukuoka Now has translated it for the benefit of our non-Japanese readers. Any errors are ours.)

Fukuoka City announced on February 20 that a local man in his sixties has become infected with COVID-19 (new coronavirus). So far, 15 individuals in Fukuoka have been tested for the virus, but this is the first confirmed case. The unemployed individual has no recent history of traveling overseas.

On February 13, the man reported a temperature of 37.5 degrees. He was examined by doctors at a hospital, but allowed to recuperate at home. He was readmitted to the hospital on February 19 after the fever failed to go down. Contact was made with the Fukuoka City Health Center once X-rays revealed shadows on his lungs. He was then confirmed to be carrying the coronavirus but maintains a healthy appetite, so it is thought his condition is not severe. Medical professionals are currently examining two family members with whom the man was in close contact. One is in the hospital, while the other is waiting at home.

The City is aware that residents might be concerned about the possibility of infection, so it has decided to publish as much information about the case as possible without revealing details about the individuals involved as examinations are ongoing.

Facilities equipped to respond to the virus have been set-up, and contingency plans have been explored. The findings will be discussed at Fukuoka City’s Infectious Disease & Crisis Management Assembly and then published on the local government’s homepage. The City will also expand its phone-based consultation service. The hotline will be accepting calls 24-hours a day (092-711-4126).

The coronavirus has a somewhat frightening image, but it seems that most people who are in average health recover without becoming seriously ill. All residents should make a concerted effort not to spread the virus, especially to the elderly, the chronically sick, and those with a weak immune system. Be sure to frequently wash your hands and keep your mouth and nose covered with a handkerchief if you cough or sneeze. Fukuoka City is encouraging everyone to work together and to ensure that false information does not spread. The advice is to remain calm but vigilant. Getting enough sleep and nutrition will help people maintain a healthy immune system.






イベント開催や市の施設の対応については既にシミュレーション済みですので、この後の福岡市感染症 危機管理 対策本部会議で共有し、市のHP等で公表します。





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Published: Feb 20, 2020 / Last Updated: Apr 8, 2020