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New Pink Chikutetsu Railroad Car

Chikuho Electric Railroad Line (Chikutetsu) showed off its new urban railroad car to the press corps on Nov. 27. The new car, called “5000形” (Model 5000), will be operational in March 2015, and it will tie Kitakyushu’s Yahata Nishi-ku to Nogata City in Fukuoka Prefecture. Of note, the entire vehicle, including the seats, are pink to match the color of the the plum flower, which is floral emblem for the Fukuoka Prefecture. Noise and electric consumption have been minimized, and the car can go up to 60 km/h. The nimoca payment card can also be used. Three vehicles will be deployed at first, and Chikutetsu plans to make it four by spring 2018. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 11/28


Published: Dec 4, 2014 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017