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New Tomato Flavored Water From Kumamoto

I Lohas” is a beverage brand belonging to Coca Cola Japan and is known for its bottled water and lightly flavored bottled water drinks. Examples of their products include “Ehime Prefecture Unshu Orange” and “Setouchi Lemon”. A new flavor, “I Lohas Tomato” just went on sale and it’s the first to use ingredients from Kyushu. In this case, tomatoes from Kumamoto Prefecture. With 40mg of sodium per 100ml it is reportedly helpful in preventing heat stroke. Fukuoka Now intern, Chelsea Kubo was quick to run out to the shop and bring back a bottle. “I was surprised by the sweet taste of “I Lohas Tomato”. It didn’t taste like natural tomato juice, but thankfully, it didn’t taste too artificial either. After my first sip there was a pleasantly light and fruity sweet tomato aftertaste. I wouldn’t use it as a replacement for regular water, but it certainly was unique, fun to try and maybe something I’d choose when I do want something sweet!


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Official website: http://c.cocacola.co.jp/si_ilohas/tomato_tweet/

Published: May 15, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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