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New Yamakasa Kazariyama Display

Although the festivities of this year’s Yamakasa have passed, you can still view the pride of the parade– the Hakata Yamakasa Kazari (a famous Yamakasa float)– at Hakata Riverain 6F. The Kazari Yama float appeared in July’s Yamakasa festival. Its front side depicts the “one-eyed majestic dragon of the North East (Lord Masamune Date)”, and the back depicts “Hakata’s festival in flight”. On Aug. 31, special dolls were added to the float, and a shinto ritual has been performed in preparation for the float’s move to Riverain on Sep. 2. You can visit the float’s display until May 15 2013. Source: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/e-japan/fukuoka/news/20120831-OYT8T01481.htm

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Published: Sep 4, 2012 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017