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New Yoshimoto Kogyo Theater to Open in Fukuoka

The entertainment company Yoshimoto Kogyo announced on July 10 the opening of a permanent theater on the eighth floor of Tenjin Vivre this September. Yoshimoto Kogyo Vivre Hall will host live comedy performances featuring manzai and comedy sketches, as well as shows for international tourists. The venue will also be used to stage art exhibitions, cooking workshops, and health-related events. The company is hoping that the theater will prove popular following the closure of similar venues in Hakata and Kitakyushu in 2015. Yoshimoto Kogyo’s executive director stated that the company is looking to provide new sources of entertainment in Fukuoka and would like to see their audiences have a great time. Source: Nikkei Shimbun, 7/10/2018

Photo of Tenjin Vivre for image purpose only. Source: Kirakirameister

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Published: Jul 13, 2018 / Last Updated: Jul 13, 2018

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