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Nishitetsu and JR Kyushu Collaborate on Day Trip to Omuta Area

JR Kyushu and Nishitetsu announced their first collaboration in the form of a day trip to the Omuta area of Fukuoka Prefecture. The single-day journey allows participants to enjoy leisurely train rides and meals on JR Kyushu’s A-Train and Nishitetsu’s The Rail Kitchen Chikugo, and take a guided tour to Miyahara Pit of the former Miike Coal Mine (registered UNESCO World Heritage Site.) While the original tour fee is set at ¥25,900 per person, a discount of ¥7,000 will be applied upon purchasing for those eligible under the national Go To program. Lunch and dinner included. The tour takes place on September 10 (Thu.,) and limited 104 seats are available. Tickets will be available from July 29 on the Club Tourism website. (A Course: https://tour.club-t.com/tour/detail?p_course_no2=90290 / B Course: https://tour.club-t.com/tour/detail?p_course_no2=90291) The two companies hope to support local societies that suffer under the impact of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Sources: Nikkei / Asahi / JR Kyushu

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Published: Jul 31, 2020 / Last Updated: Jul 31, 2020