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Nishitetsu Hotels Joins Tokyu’s Unlimited Stays

Nishitetsu Hotels is partnering with Tokyu to join their “TsugiTsugi” unlimited stay hotel service. Aiming to attract new clientele and expand in Kyushu, the collaboration kicks off on September 15 with bookings open for Nishitetsu’s 18 locations, including new entries like Kagoshima and Oita. With plans starting at 23,980 yen per month for a two-night stay, one guest can stay free. A ChatGPT system helps recommend hotels. The venture is set to boost the growing trend of “workations.” Source: NishitetsuTsugiTsugi

Nishitetsu Hotels Joins Tokyu's Unlimited Stays

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Published: Sep 8, 2023 / Last Updated: Sep 8, 2023

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