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Oyafukodori restores its original name meaning ‘Street of Disrespectful Children’

The original name of the street ‘Oyafukudori’ was ‘親不孝’ which translates roughly to ‘Street of Disrespectful Children’. In the eighties the area was home to many cram schools for students who couldn’t pass the university entrance exams. This drew in a lot of young and lively students, called ‘ronin’ (masterless samurai). The influx of young students created a bustling atmosphere. In an attempt to improve the image of the area, seventeen years ago Fukuoka City changed the middle kanji (Chinese character) to ‘親富孝’ which means, ‘Street of Respectful Children’. However since then the cram schools have closed down and the area has become quieter. In response some locals, the Fukuoka City Chuo Ward Office, and the police who are all part of the Oyafukudori Association decided to change the middle kanji (Chinese character) of ‘Oyafukudori’ back to the original ‘親不孝’. Source: NHK, 2/21

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Published: Feb 23, 2017 / Last Updated: Mar 23, 2017