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Primate Perp Bites Twice in Fukuoka, Vanishes!

A monkey’s gone bananas, causing a stir in a peaceful Fukuoka neighborhood! Yesterday morning, the critter turned the tranquil Minami Ward into its own personal jungle gym, biting a woman and a young schoolgirl. Police are on the prowl, but the primate perp is still at large. First on the scene was a woman in her 50s, ambushed around 7:30 a.m. by the furry menace. Just minutes later, a 9-year-old girl felt the creature’s wrath, getting bitten multiple times on her leg. Both victims were whisked away to the hospital, but there’s no erasing this wild morning from their memories.

Police say this isn’t some one-off caper; this monkey’s been playing peek-a-boo around the neighborhood for days now. A septuagenarian neighbor heard the alarm bells ringing, with an announcement cautioning folks to stay indoors: ‘It’s quite scary,’ she says. You think? Police believe it’s the same critter pulling both stunts, but he’s scampered off and given them the slip—for now. Source: NHK

Primate Perp Bites Twice in Fukuoka, Vanishes!

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Published: Sep 29, 2023 / Last Updated: Sep 29, 2023

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