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QPS Research Institute Wins Defense Satellite Contract, Expands with New Fukuoka R&D Hub

QPS Research Institute, a startup from Kyushu University specializing in artificial satellite development, is making significant strides in the aerospace sector. The institute recently announced, after the close of trading today, that it has received a new order from the Ministry of Defense for the prototype of a satellite aimed at the preliminary demonstration of common key technologies necessary for the utilization of space. The order, valued at 5.649 billion yen, is a testament to the institute’s growing influence in space technology, with the delivery scheduled during the fiscal year ending in May 2028.

Simultaneously, QPS Research Institute is setting up a new research and development base in Fukuoka City’s Momochihama area, planning to lease a facility previously used for industry-academia-government collaboration for ten years. Operations at this new base are expected to commence by mid-2024, aligning with the institute’s ambitious goals. They aim to increase the annual production of small satellites, which are utilized in sectors such as disaster prevention, from 4 to 10 units. This expansion is a strategic move towards expediting the establishment of a comprehensive satellite network comprising 36 satellites, which will enhance their capabilities in space exploration and utilization significantly.

The institute also anticipates that the prospective preliminary costs arising from the Ministry of Defense order will remain within the range of uncertainties already assumed in their performance forecast for the fiscal year ending in May 2024. This alignment indicates a well-planned strategy to manage the financial aspects of their expanding operations and projects effectively. Source: FIBA / Minkabu Press

QPS Research Institute Wins Defense Satellite Contract, Expands with New Fukuoka R&D Hub

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Momochi / Nishijin
Published: Mar 4, 2024 / Last Updated: Mar 4, 2024

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