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Ramky Group Invests $100M in Japan’s Green Tech

India’s Ramky Group, a leader in environmental and infrastructure development, is establishing its first Japanese subsidiary in Kitakyushu City. Announced during a collaboration ceremony on September 29th, the company plans to invest $100 million in local SMEs and startups specializing in environmental technologies. The collaboration aims to export Kitakyushu’s successful recycling technologies and methods to Asia, including India. The new subsidiary, named P9 LLC, will participate in technology development in various sectors like life sciences, infrastructure, and waste management. The partnership aims to foster talent, encourage collaborations between Japanese and Indian companies, and promote environmental projects. Source: Kitakyushu City / Yomiuri

Ramky Group Invests $100M in Kitakyushu's Green Tech

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Published: Oct 3, 2023 / Last Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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