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Record 16 Candidates from Fukuoka – House of Councillors Election

A record number of 16 candidates are running in the upcoming House of Councillors Election, with three seats up for election. On June 22, the candidates took to the streets and appealed to voters for their support. The number of voters in Fukuoka Prefecture was 4,241,677 as of yesterday, a decrease of 23,000 from the previous Upper House election three years ago. Last time, the voter turnout in Fukuoka was 42.85%, the lowest ever. The voter turnout, especially among those in their 20s, remained in the 20% range.

Record 16 Candidates from Fukuoka - House of Councillors Election

Here is an introduction to the candidates

Yukihito Koga, the incumbent candidate of the Democratic Party of Japan’s Constitutional Democratic Party.
“I have six years of experience as a member of the Finance and Monetary Affairs Committee, so let me take measures against high prices.”

Rei Senzaki is a candidate from a variety of factions and a newcomer.
“We are a party for the Japanese people. We want to improve the lives of Japanese people. I want to work hard for the Japanese people’s livelihood.”

Eiji Kumamaru, a new candidate for the NHK Party, is calling for the promotion of nuclear power generation.
“I think it is a very big issue, and I will do my best to promote it because promoting nuclear power will help curb global warming.”

Takanori Fukumoto, a new candidate of the Social Democratic Party, is appealing for more support for the continuation of the party.
“We must stop the competitive society and create a community society where people support and help each other live in this region.”

Kozo Akino, Komeito’s incumbent candidate, a licensed medical doctor, appealed that he has been working on measures against the new type of coronary disease.
“I will fight as hard as I can from here in Fukuoka for the sake of Fukuoka and, in turn, for the sake of Japan.”

Kyoko Ota, a new candidate for the People’s Democratic Party of Japan, will appeal about her experience as a prefectural assembly member.
“I will throw a stone at the old-fashioned world of politics. Now is the time for reform, and I will change Japan.”

Issei Tsushima is an independent and new candidate.
“I will protect, inherit, and promote traditional Japanese music and performing arts.”

Yoshiaki Kumisaka is a candidate from a variety of factions and a newcomer to the council.
“People say that electricity bills are going to be raised. I will make sure that the electricity bill will be lowered substantially.”

Fumiyo Okuda, a candidate for the Reiwa Shinsengumi, is calling for the abolition of the consumption tax and the elimination of nuclear power generation.

Mayumi Ryuno, a new candidate for the Japan Restoration Association who runs an event-related company, said she would use her experience in the private sector.
“What is missing in politics today is that there is no one who understands our voices.”

Shinsuke Nonaka is a new candidate from a variety of factions.
“I would like to strongly appeal for measures against the coronary disaster and compensation for those left with aftereffects after being vaccinated. I believe the government is not doing anything about it.”

Shozo Majima, a new candidate of the Communist Party who has served in the House of Representatives, is appealing for an increase in wages.
“I will protect the lives of the prefecture’s people from the rising cost of living. Urgent tax reduction of the consumption tax to 5%.”

Satoshi Oie, LDP incumbent, will appeal for his achievements as Vice Minister of Finance.
He said, “I want the Liberal Democratic Party to be responsible in politics. I hope you let me win this election and give us a stable foundation.”

Masatoshi Enatsu, a new candidate from a variety of factions.
“Article 9 of the Constitution is late, but we must firmly establish our mentality to amend it.

Masako Wada, NHK Party, a newcomer.
“I would like to make everyone’s every word count so we can pick up the people’s opinions and raise them to the next level.”

Kaori Mashima, a new candidate for the NHK Party, is appealing for measures to combat the declining birthrate.
“I would like to turn getting married into a joyful experience. If people get married, they will have children, which will also help combat the declining birthrate and aging population.”

Source: RKB

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Published: Jun 23, 2022 / Last Updated: Jun 23, 2022

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