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Sale Of Houjoya O-hajiki at Hakozaki Festival Suspended

The sale of o-hajiki at Houjoya, one of the three biggest festivals in Hakata, will be suspended starting from this year. Coin-sized objects that are used to play a traditional Japanese game similar to tiddlywinks, Houjoya o-hajiki have sold so well at previous festivals that the makers, Hakata Hakuchokai, can no longer keep up with demand. Members of the group, who is also known as the makers of Hakata Ningyo (dolls), are growing older and finding it harder to meet volume of orders. They are considering making good luck o-hajiki available all-year round to make the o-hajiki less of a rarity, which has been a major factor in their popularity. Source: Hakozakigu, 5/26/2017

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Published: May 30, 2017 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017

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