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Shin Godzilla Invades Chikuzen City, Fukuoka


A giant ‘Shin’ Godzilla made of straw and bamboo was put on display on a farm in Chikuzen City in Fukuoka on Nov. 1 and will remain on display until early December. About 210 volunteers from the local region created the piece and it’s sure to catch the eyes of visitors. After getting permission from Godzilla’s parent company, they started construction in the middle of September. Shin Godzilla measures about 10m from head to tail and its structure is made from a combination of wood and bamboo. The body is entirely covered in straw. Source: Chikuzen Town Website. Photo: ©TOHO CO., LTD.

Published: Nov 2, 2016 / Last Updated: Nov 2, 2016