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State of Emergency Begins in Fukuoka – Support Details Announced

As a state of emergency officially took effect in Fukuoka Prefecture and six other prefectures in Japan as of midnight Jan. 13, Fukuoka Governor, Hiroshi Ogawa, held a press conference to ask residents for cooperation with the following provided guidelines. Ogawa explained the Government’s strategy for preventing the further spread of the virus from urban areas to wider Kyushu by declaring a state of emergency at this time.

Restaurant related shops that corporate in shortening business hours will receive ¥60,000/day financial support from the national Government. Some business operators in Fukuoka City are eligible to receive additional aid from the city; ¥200,000 for take-away food providers with discount campaigns, up to ¥500,000 for accommodation facilities, up to ¥500,000 to shops that implement cashless payment systems, and more.

Educational committees in the prefecture have not announced intentions for school closures, but there may be some limitations for club activities too. Additionally, Fukuoka Prefecture asks people to refrain from using regional tourism coupons and Go To Eat discount coupons until Feb. 7.

On Jan. 13, 252 new coronavirus infections were reported in the prefecture, including a police cluster in Iizuka City. The cumulative total for the prefecture is now 12,009. Source: NHK 1 / NHK 2 / KBC 1 / KBC 2 / KBC 3

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Published: Jan 14, 2021 / Last Updated: Jan 14, 2021

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