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Sweet Potato Rot Disease Sparks Concern for Shochu Production in Kyushu

Sweet potato rot disease is spreading across Japan, causing a shortage of sweet potatoes used in the production of shochu. Kirishima Shuzo and Hamada Shuzo, two major shochu makers, have suspended sales due to a lack of raw materials. Despite this, the national harvest of sweet potatoes has increased in 2022. Kagoshima Prefecture, the largest production area, saw a 10% increase compared to the previous year. Kagoshima Prefecture has created an action plan to prevent the spread of the disease, including disinfecting seed potatoes and drainage measures for fields. A new sweet potato variety called “Michishizuku” has been developed, which is resistant to the disease and suitable for shochu production. However, supply will take time to catch up, so prevention measures are crucial to prevent further spread and ensure an adequate supply of sweet potatoes. Source: Nikkei

Sweet Potato Rot Disease Sparks Concern for Shochu Production in Kyushu

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Kagoshima Prefecture
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Published: Mar 8, 2023 / Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023

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