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Tenjin Loft To Relocate

Tenjin Loft, a general merchandise specialty store that has been a favorite in the Tenjin area of Fukuoka City for 15 years, has announced that it will relocate next spring. Tenjin Loft, which opened near Fukuoka Tenjin Station in 2007 as the chain’s first store in Kyushu, specializes in a wide range of household goods, from stationery to interior goods and character goods. Loft announced that it would terminate operations at its current location in March of next year due to the expiration of its lease agreement. Next spring, the store will change locations within the same Tenjin area. Source: Loft / KBC 

Tenjin Loft Announces Plans to RelocatePhoto from STA3816

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Published: Oct 18, 2022 / Last Updated: Oct 21, 2022

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