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Thai Airways International Introduces B777-300 Aircraft for Fukuoka-Bangkok

Thai Airways International has announced they will use B777-300 aircraft for its Fukuoka-Bangkok route between Feb. 5 through to Mar. 29, 2014 with an additional capacity of 67 economy class seats per flight for their existing daily operations. As the national flag carrier, Thai Airways International is looking forward to accommodating the increasing two-way traffic exchange between Kyushu and Thailand. The increased capacity will not only provide more space for Japanese outbound travellers during high season but also more room to support the positive trend of Thai travellers to Kyushu during the cherry blossom season. The B777-300 aircraft will offer a full inflight entertainment system as every seat is well equipped with audio/video on demand, passenger control unit/telephone handsets and PC power outlets. Details: http://www.thaiair.co.jp


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Published: Dec 27, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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