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Typhoon No. 25 Kong-rey Heading Towards Kyushu

The Japan Meteorological Agency is issuing advisories for this season’s 25th typhoon (KONG-REY). This typhoon is projected to travel along the western coast of Kyushu and Sea of Japan. Kong-rey will reach Okinawa this evening (Oct. 4) and will linger there throughout the 5th. From Saturday onwards, the storm is expected to continue its path, bringing torrential rains and heavy winds to western Kyushu. The Meteorological Agency is advising people in the area to prepare for high waves, strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding of low altitude regions. The storm’s peak is expected to be felt in Fukuoka on Saturday morning and early afternoon.

Conditions are changing constantly, so monitor the storm’s projection on this website. Japan Meteorological Agency’s website (http://www.jma.go.jp/en/typh/)

Image shows typhoons projection as of Oct. 4, 16:34. Source: tenki.jp

Closures and Cancellations:
Some events planned for the weekend have announced cancellations or postponements. Be sure to double-check with the organizer’s website before you head out. Avoid unnecessary travel during the storm.

Canceled events:
• Kamome no Grill (10/6, 10/7)
• Chikugo Sake Festa 2018 (10/6, 10/7)

Events with partial cancellation:
• Okawa Woodwork Festival (canceled on 10/6, open on 10/7 & 8)
• Food Expo Kyushu (canceled on 10/6, open on 10/7 & 8)
• Hakata Jocho Tour (canceled on 10/6)
• Kumamoto Castle Autumn Festival (canceled on 10/6 & 7)
• “Rin” Traditional Emaki Picture Theater 2018 (canceled on 10/6, 10/7 moved to 9F JR Kyushu Hall, JR Hakata City)
• Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum (closed on 10/6)
• Kureha Noh Play and Explore Hakata in Kimono at Hakata Machiya Folk Museum (closed on the morning of 10/6, evening pending)

Events & places that plan to continue with adjustments:
• Tokyo Girls Collection in Kitakyushu (10/6, doors open 12:30, event 14:30~18:30)
• Mitsubishi Artium, Fukuoka City Museum, Kyushu National Museum (scheduled to open on 10/6 but confirm before going)
• Fish Festival (10/6: from 13:00)

Rescheduled events:
• Koishiwara Autumn Ceramic Festival (moved to 11/23 ~ 25)
• Nokonoshima Cosmos Light Up (moved to mid-October, dates pending)

Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Oct 4, 2018 / Last Updated: Oct 5, 2018