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Wagyu Leather Gloves: From Dining Table to Baseball Field

As recently reported in Japanese media, Miyazaki Wagyu beef leather baseball gloves are grabbing the limelight both domestically and internationally, all thanks to the Los Angeles Dodgers alumnus and current DeNA player, Trevor Bauer. The pitcher couldn’t help but share his adoration for these innovative gloves from Ballpark.com, a Miyazaki-based baseball gear manufacturer, on his YouTube channel. And guess what? Bauer clinched his very first victory in Japan on May 3, armed with none other than the Wagyu glove itself! Who knew that Miyazaki’s famed Wagyu, a delight for the taste buds, could also work wonders in the world of leather products? The secret sauce behind these Wagyu gloves lies in their thin, lightweight, and resilient leather with closely-packed fibers, ensuring they hold their shape like a pro. Ballpark.com. The Wagyu JB Glove, with its ¥57,200 price tag for hardball pitchers, is available in around 260 sports stores across Japan, selling approximately 3,000 units annually. Not too shabby for a glove that combines Japan’s finest beef with sports innovation! Source: Full Count / Trevor Bauer (YouTube)

Wagyu Leather Gloves: From Dining Table to Baseball FieldPhoto from Wagyu JB official Instagram

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Miyazaki Prefecture
Published: May 9, 2023 / Last Updated: May 9, 2023

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