One Fukuoka’s most stylish streets, Josui-dori has a more laid-back, sophisticated feel than busier areas such as Daimyo or Tenjin. The trees lining the road are also a welcome touch, making it a great spot for an early summer stroll. After turning into Josui-dori from Yakuin-odori, you will soon see on your left the Kyushu Energy Science Center and Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium. A walk along Josui-dori will eventually lead us to the Fukuoka City Zoological Garden and Minami Park, but before that there are lots of shops to explore.

Among the many furniture stores, flower shops and restaurants some of the most eye-catching are the confectioneries, where all manner of sweet delights can be found. Rest for a while at chocolate specialty shop Cacao Romance or tart and quiche shop Le Cercle, which are both also cafes. Down a small side street is French-style confectionery 16-ku, whose authentic almond-flavored baked biscuits are a specialty of owner-chef Mr. Mishima.

It’s also fun just to walk around and admire the unique architecture, like the rusk shop Only One, with its distinctive big red door, or the wide open space created by the large windows at custom kitchen showroom Kitchen House. The flower shop Marji Orchids won an urban design award for its architecture, which makes use of curved stone surfaces. In complete contrast, Japanese confectionery Muraoka Sohonpo is built in a traditional Japanese style. Trees line the path from the gate to the entrance, and the low-key mood brings to mind a Japanese teahouse. Kimono shop Tamaya, meanwhile, has a surprisingly modern interior.

If you can drag yourself away from the shops, moving a little further up the hill leads to a dramatic change of scenery as Minami Park appears on the left-hand side like a green oasis in the heart of the city. As well as the zoological garden and botanical garden, there is also a viewing platform offering 360゜ views of Fukuoka. A fitting way to end an interesting and enjoyable walk.


Hakata Food Park Natto-ya Nebaland

Wow! Imagine a restaurant that specializes in natto dishes! Heaven for many, Hell for others? Well if you love this healthy bean you’ll love this restaurant that offers 80 varieties of dished made with natto from main dishes to desserts. Take out natto-sweets too!
Web site

La Casa di Nao

Authentic Italian restaurant produced by chef Ishibashi the former executive chef of Japanese Embassy in Switzerland and Italy. One of the highlights is the Rome-style pizza baked in wood-burning oven.
Tel: 092-404-7030
Web site

Cacao Romance

This chocolatier using traditional Swiss recipes has been a landmark on the street for years. Rest your legs after strolling around Josui-dori in this lovely cafe with a garden view.
Tel: 092-524-1288
Web site

Only One

A recently opened shop from Nagasaki speciallizing in “rusk”. Their rusk is made from homemade breads and offered in over 27 flavors including garlic, cheese, or pudding.
Tel: 092-406-8897
Web site

Atelier Chapline

Semi-order hat shop. Order a custom hat from your favorite cloth. Only open Thu., Fri., and Sat.
Tel: 092-522-6521


Rybo House
This shop specializes in imported comfortable chairs made by the Norwegian company Rybo.
Tel: 092-534-1043
Web site 

Muraoka Sohompo Fukuoka
Established Japanese confectionary originated in Saga. Ogi-yokan is their specialty.
Tel: 092-526-0757

Natural Mart Fukuoka Yakuin
Varieties of organic vegetables and natural foods. They also provide allergy free foods.
Tel: 092-534-6330
Web site

Margi Orchid
A flower shop with impressive stone arch and big windows.
Tel: 092-524-2498


Atelier Oki
The restaurant serves unique French dishes using various Kyushu viands.
Tel: 092-525-0009
Web site

Jyosui Saryo
Enjoy authentic kaiseki dish course composed with great cares.
Tel: 092-524-3321

Le Cercle
The cafe offers seasonal quiches and tarts filled with fruits and vegetables.
Tel: 092-523-8868
Web site 


Kitchen House
Showroom displays high-end custom system kitchen systems and furnishings.
Tel: 092-531-3700
Web site

Kyushu Energy Science Center
Run by Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. this is a science center with a focus on electricity. Events often held on weekends.
Tel: 092-522-2333
Web site

Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
Rizing Fukuoka of professional basketball league known as the bj League play their home games here.
Tel: 092-524-3906
Web site

Fukuoka City Zoological Garden
Opened in 1953 about 140 kinds of animals are kept here. It’s a bit old-style, but slowly being improved year by year. It’s connected directly to Fukuoka City Botanical Garden.
Tel: 092-531-1968
Web site 

Jyosui Ryokuchi
A fairly expansive (1,700㎡ total area) forested parkland with natural unpaved walking paths. Benches and other rest facilities available.


Standing out from all the other stylish shops along Josui-dori is a nameless vegetable shop (yaoya). They sell vegetables in front of a private dwelling without a shop sign. Look for the flag saying “Ouridashi” (Sale!). Or maybe they don’t need a sign as it’s obvious what they are doing! Much of the produce is sourced from the Amagi wholesale market and some are 30% less than other supermarket and possibly fresher. Enjoy a Showa-era experience from the setting and old school display and service.


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Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn150, Jun. 2011)

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Published: Jan 17, 2012 / Last Updated: Oct 13, 2016

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