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Ramen Runway Opens inside Fukuoka Airport

A new runway opened today inside Fukuoka Airport’s domestic terminal – that’s right, inside the building! However, instead of parked planes there are nine ramen restaurants and a Japanese sweets shop lined up along a grey-painted lane. The list of ramen diners includes some well-known local brands but also some shops from as far away as Hokkaido. Seven of the nine shops are here to stay, while two will be rotated in and out to keep the offerings fresh. For a cleansing of the palette there is also a sweets shop offering Japanese-style green tea drinks and desserts. The “runway” is likely to become a popular dining destination for travellers both arriving and departing at Fukuoka Airport. But with a direct connection to downtown by subway, Fukuoka residents might be tempted to eat there as well.

Ramen Runway (Ramen Kassoro)
3F Domestic Terminal, Fukuoka Airport
• 10:00~21:45 (L.O.: 21:00)
• 10 shops

Ramen Shops
Teshikaga Ramen (Hokkaido)
Tsujita (Tokyo)
Mankai (Osaka)
Ramen Nagi (Tokyo)
Ramen Unari (Fukuoka)
Hakata Ikkosya (Fukuoka)
Yatai Ramen Gyokuryu (Fukuoka)

Ramen Shops (limited time)
Wantanmen no Mangetsu (Yamagata)
Hakata Kogashi Miso Senmonten Gogyo (Tokyo)

Sweets Shop
Saryo Itoen (Tokyo)

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Published: Nov 21, 2017 / Last Updated: Nov 21, 2017

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