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Rugby Ball Bread – From Itoshima

Who says eating healthy can’t be fun? And who says bread can’t be in the shape of a rugby ball! Using only 100% locally grown wheat (Fukuoka Prefecture), no eggs and without any dairy products, Ishihara-san and his wife stoically bake bread in their humble, natural leaven bakery next to their home in Itoshima. Still, they know how to have fun, and with Rugby World Cup about to kick off in Japan, why not join the fun with rugby ball-shaped bread? Rugby Ball Breads are available for purchase at the bakery from Sep. 18 until the end of the tournament and are offered in three flavors: Herb, Tonyu (soy milk), and Cocoa. The regular size balls are ¥216 each (¥227 from October 1), and the large – nearly life-size – balls are ¥2,160. Custom decoration on the large balls is available for those who want to show support of their favorite team. Their tiny storefront is only open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays so pre-orders are strongly recommended. Wouldn’t these make a great gift to a rugby fan? Or a healthy item to bring to the next rugby viewing party?

In the background is wheat that they grow in fields close to their homes. From their own wheat, in collaboration with a mill, they make and sell their own bran and flour – both 100% organic. You can buy bread made with this flour too.

Tennen Pan Kobo Raku Raku
1-12-14 Urashi, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
• Open: Wed., Sat., Sun. & hol. 11:00~18:00 (or while stock lasts)
• Advance orders highly recommended

The concept – in English no less.

Simple storefront in front of their home and bakery.

100% organic bran and bread flour made from wheat grown by themselves.

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Published: Sep 17, 2019 / Last Updated: Sep 17, 2019