Rugby Fan Guide

*rankings as of Sep. 2, 2019

Venue: 2-1-1 Higashi-hirao Koen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Arrive early!

A variety of food booths and other attractions will be inside the venue. Please arrive early and enjoy the atmosphere of Rugby World Cup 2019 TM!

• Tickets are required to view the matches.

• Please arrive at the entrance gate 90 minutes prior to the match time.
Due to anticipated congestion near the stadium, entering the building, including baggage screening and body checks, might take more than 60 minutes. Therefore, we suggest you arrive at the venue and join the line to enter 90 minutes before match time.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited at the venue: all kinds of weapons, food and beverages, cans, bottles, plastic bottles, umbrellas (excluding folding umbrellas,) large pieces of baggage, selfie sticks, drones, emergency flares, communication devices (walkie-talkies, wireless microphone, wireless LAN routers and other devices which emit radio waves and so forth.)

Amendment regarding food: From Monday, 23 September fans will be permitted to bring a reasonable amount of food into match venues for personal consumption. This change in policy is strictly limited to food only.  Source: