Rugby Fan Guide

Welcome to Fukuoka!

Long in the shadows of Tokyo and Osaka, the city of Fukuoka has become better known recently. It’s a vibrant city with a young population and a healthy economy. It’s also one of the few areas in Japan enjoying growth in population. Proximity to sandy beaches, nearby lush and green mountains, a low cost of living, easy access to Tokyo and nearby Asian cities, are just a few aspects contributing to the high quality of life enjoyed by Fukuoka

It’s a very compact city and easy to walk around. Let this map be your guide. There are two core areas: Tenjin, the commercial and young area filled with shops, and Hakata, home to businesses and the main rail terminal JR Hakata Station, also the site of Rugby Fanzone. Walking from Hakata to Tenjin takes just 30 minutes.

About this Guide

All the information made in these pages was put together by the international team of editors at Fukuoka Now, the local media for expats and overseas visitors. For 21 years our magazine and website have helped international readers find the best in the city – we hope it will do the same for you.

Use the menus above to dig deeper and have a fantastic time in Fukuoka! If you’re posting on SNS please tag us with #fukuokanow.

Dining al fresco with ACROS Building in the background

Domed stadium and hotel near Momochi Beach (Photo provided by the City of Fukuoka)

The city’s newest Instagram spot!

Kihinkan Hall – the former Prefectural Guest House

Not bad! A beach close to the city center (Photo provided by the City of Fukuoka)

Daimyo is where the young go to shop

Night Market along the banks of Naka River

Fukuoka’s famous yatai (food stalls)

A rooftop terrace bar in Imaizumi