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Sep 2016 Fukuoka Now

On the cover, shrine maidens paint chanpon (musical toys made of glass) for the Hojoya Festival, one of Fukuoka’s big three festivals; read our full guide. Want to escape the city? Take a day trip to Tanushimaru – a great place for fruit picking or a winery tour! Fancy a more chilled-out day? Check out this month’s cafe recommendations: Cafe Tonerico is a cute cafe with healthy lunches and tasty cakes. Bicycle enthusiasts and coffee converts alike will love 5 Cafe Chihaya; located inside a high-end bicycle shop, it serves upmarket coffee and handmade snacks. Warabe’s owner still strives to perfect his yakisoba, but if you ask us it’s already perfect – that’s why it’s this month’s noodle pick! Mr. & Mrs. Green offers large salads with your choice of dressings and grilled meats – tasty and low-carb. Plus, we’ve got the hottest events and a handy map. Comments? Catch us on Facebook and Twitter! Read it all here or download the PDF.

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This Month: Sep. 2016
fn213 cafe tonerico 2016  005

Gourmet: Mr. & Mrs. Green
fn213 gourmet mr & mrs green 2016  001

Day Trip: Grape and Fig Picking in Tanushimaru
fn213 tanushimaru 2016 026

Hojoya Festival Guide: Autumn’s Biggest Festival in Fukuoka!
crowd-day 2

Fukuoka Topics: Hakata: A City Built by Merchants
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Upcoming Parties!

Sunset Live 2016

sunset live PR 2016 001

Sunset Live is Kyushu’s most popular outdoor music festival, returning this year for its 24th iteration. Enjoyed by over 15,000 people, Sunset Live started as a party in the parking lot of Sunset Cafe. Now, bands covering a wide range of genres (including some of Japan’s most popular acts) perform across several stages and are watched by legions of adoring fans.

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Also New Online!

Fukuoka Autumn Fruit-Picking Guide 2016
Omichidani no Sato3

& And Hostel Opens in Kawabata Arcade, Fukuoka
& And Hostel aug 2016 011

Hojoya Ohajiki Revealed – 2016
ohajiki hojoya aug 2016 003

Shizuku – Tequila & Burgers in Fukuoka
shizuku web report jul 2016 015

Tanita Shokudo – Healthy, Low Calorie Japanese Meals
Tanita Shokudo July 2016 012

Kiwami Fish Burgers – New, Healthy Itoshima Fast Food
kiwami fish burger jun 2016  002

Vegebal Kyushu Opened in Hakata
vegebal jul 2016 001

And don’t forget our event listings!
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Published: Aug 25, 2016 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017

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