Special Report! Mina Tenjin

Mina Tenjin
4-3-8 Tenjin, Chuo Ward

Mina Tenjin is a bright and pleasant shopping complex that shoppers of all ages can enjoy – from high school girls to salarymen. No matter what your budget you’ll find clothes to fit your needs, and the shops inside Mina often hold great sales. Fans of Japan’s famous brands UNIQLO and MUJI will be in heaven, with three floors dedicated to these stores. Crafters and seamstresses are also in luck, with the huge Yuzakawa craft store on level seven. The Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore on the B1 floor is also worth noting for its wide range, good prices and helpful staff.

Shops: 34 shops, 3 restaurants
Size: 9 floors
Target age(s): 15~
Ginren Card: Only at some shops
Duty Free: Not available

Anchor shops:
☆ マツモトキヨシ (Matsumoto Kiyoshi) (B1)
On the basement level of Mina Tenjin, right near the Tenjin Chikagai exit, you’ll find nationally renowned drugstore Matsumoto Kiyoshi. First aid items, over-the-counter drugs and vitamins are available, along with toiletries, cosmetics and hair products- and all for a reasonable price!

☆ Starbucks (1F)
Starbucks is a great place to unwind after a hard day’s shopping This branch was recently opened in Dec. 2012.

☆ MUJI (3F)
The entire third floor is dedicated to MUJI – a Japanese brand synonymous with minimalistic, well designed household and consumer goods. MUJI, popular worldwide, places an emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production and packaging, and no-logo or “no-brand” policy. The store has a large selection of the MUJI catalogue for sale – from clothing, underwear, sleepwear and shoes (mens’ and women’s) to furniture, stationery, and household appliances. There’s also a corner for MUJI’s food and drinks range.

☆ UNIQLO (5F& 6F)
One of Japan’s most popular and famous casual wear brands, UNIQLO is a must-see. This particular UNIQLO is spread over two levels, with women’s and menswear each occupying a whole floor. Well organized and well stocked, there’s also a great selection of collaborative t-shirt designs.

Special Shops:
☆ Tutu Anna (B1F)
Girls will be blown away by the range of socks, tights and stockings available at this compact branch of national chain store Tutu Anna. Designs are always on-trend and prices are very reasonable.

☆ TGC (2F)
This optician will whip you up a new pair of customized eye-glasses in just 30 minutes! For three set prices (¥4,200, ¥6,300 or ¥8,400) you can personally choose three parts – frame, lenses and case – to create your own unique pair of glasses.

☆ ユザワヤ (Yuzakawa) (7F)
This store is the perfect place for anyone who loves crafts. You’ll find buttons, cute ribbons, a wide range of fabrics, wool in every color imaginable, and more. At Yuzakawa you’re likely to stumble upon the the perfect materials to customize old items of clothing and shoes in your closet that may have seen better days. Finally, if you’re after advice or tips for your craft project, there’s a free help area – don’t be shy to ask!

Special Eats:
☆ Strawberry Fields Act 5 (2F)
Take an indulgent afternoon break here. Strawberry fields offers some delicious cakes and desserts, as well as light meals. A great place to meet a friend.

How to enjoy?
Mina is a good stop on your Tenjin shopping trail. You’re destined to spend some time browsing the anchor shops MUJI and Uniqlo, and younger women will love the basement, first and second floors, which offer a multitude of small clothing and accessories shops. Even if you’re not into DIY, we recommend checking out the craft store Yuzakawa – maybe you’ll get inspired?

For Children: Parents will find a great range of clothing for kids at Mina Tenjin, especially in Muji and Uniqlo.

For Men: Men will be pleased to find both casual and formal clothing options in Mina Tenjin. On the fourth floor, AOKI sells a collection of suits and shirts for salarymen, while Uniqlo and MUJI offer informal, everyday wear.

For Women: Girls in the 15~25 year age bracket will take pleasure browsing the various cute and affordable stores on the first and second floors. Have a rest, a haircut or a massage in one of the beauty salons found on the eighth floor.

For Tourists: UNIQLO is a great place to find Japanese inspired tee-shirts, and MUJI sells modern Japanese housewares at a great price. Note that even if your home country has MUJI, a visit to the store while you’re in Japan won’t go astray.

What’s nearby? Mina is located at the end of the underground Tenjin Chikagai (Exit 1A). The complex connects directly to North Tenjin, and in turn Shopper’s Daiei, so you may find yourself getting lost between the three shopping centers. Mina is also very close to the main post office in Tenjin.

Public transportation: Subway Kuuko Line – Tenjin station
Parking: Available on B2F

Mina Tenjin
Address: 4-3-8 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-713-3711
Open: 1F to 7F 10:00~20:00 / B1 & 8F 10:00~21:00
Official website link:

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Originally written for Fukuoka Now June 2012.
NOTE: The information presented here was gathered and summarized by Fukuoka Now staff. While we have done our best to check for accuracy there is a possible of error and facility details may change. If you notice any errors or changes please contact us. This report was originally written in June of 2012.

Published: Jul 19, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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