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“Candle Live” at Sunset Live 2012

As part of this year’s Sunset Live festival, Friday and Saturday’s night time performances at the “Sunset Stage” will be illuminated by candlelight! From around 18:40~ all lights will be turned off at the Sunset Stage, and the audience and booths will be asked to light candles for the 3 performances that follow. The event, called “Candle Live”, aims to promote the messages of peace, unity and hope. As festival-goers gather with candles in hand, it is hoped that everyone will feel the energy of nature, and connect with those around them. “Candle Live” is a collaborative project with Kameyama Candle House and GAKU-MC. To partake in “Candle Live”, you can bring your own candle to the festival, or purchase one at the PARCO booth at Sunset Live on Friday or Saturday.

BONUS! Candle House × Sunset Live 20th Anniversary Candle
In collaboration with Kameyama Candle, Candle House in PARCO is currently selling special edition Sunset Live candles. The candles, which commemorate the 20th anniversary of the festival, burn for approx. 20 hours and also act as as insect repellent. Pick yours up for ¥685 at Candle house in PARCO, 1-11-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, PARCO 5F, 10:00~20:30, 092-235-7224.

Candle Live
• Sunset Stage area at Sunset Live 2012
• 8/31(Fri.) 18:40~last stage (21:05), 9/1(Sat.) 18:50~last stage (19:40)
※ Note: Candle Live will not happen on 9/2 (Sun.)
More Sunset Live info here!

Published: Aug 20, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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