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Tsutaya Books opens inside Ropponmatsu 421

JR Kyushu’s new commercial complex Ropponmatsu 421 opens to the public today (September 26). It was built on the former site of Kyushu University’s Ropponmatsu campus. Famous industrial designer and JR Kyushu consultant Eiji Mitooka oversaw the exterior of the complex, which was named after its address. The new building is six stories high and features one basement floor. A Tsutaya book store (Tsutaya Books) boasting 180,000 publications and a 200-seater Starbucks forms the core of the commercial section of the facility, which includes a total of 23 shops, restaurants, and clinics spread across the first two floors. The Fukuoka City Science Museum will stretch from the third to the sixth floor and is set to open on October 1. JR Kyushu hopes to see the site enjoyed by all generations and aim to welcome 3.6 million visitors a year.

Directly above the Ropponmatsu Station on the Nanakuma Subway Line

Shop Manager Nambara shows off one of his favorite vinyl LP. There’s a good selection of reasonably priced vinyl and you can enjoy great sound from their custom made JBL speakers.

The first artist to exhibit here is Toshiaki Tashiro (Saga). Fun fact! – he also appeared on the cover of Fukuoka Now back in July 2006. Check out his colorful art on display and on sale.

The popular dry flower and antique shop Cote Jardin also opened a shop within Tsutaya.

From fashion items, eyewear, to various goods – there’s a very unique selection on display to intrigue and tempt shoppers.

The stationery goods will appear to locals and overseas visitors looking for small gifts or souvenirs.

Near the architecture book section, there’s a spacious event area.

With plenty of chairs and sofas, it promises to be a comfortable place to hang out.

Published: Sep 26, 2017 / Last Updated: Dec 22, 2017

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