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Visit Fukutsu Sea Mirror for Spectacular Scenery

Many people know Fukutsu for its Hikari no Michi (“path of light”). The mysterious Hikari no Michi is truly spectacular. It happens when the setting sun lines up directly with the torii gate and the approach to Miyajidake Shrine, located on the hillside of Mt. Miyaji, from Miyajihama Beach with the island of Ainoshima floating in the Genkai Sea in the distance. What’s more, this perfect alignment only happens twice a year, once in February and once in October, and it is entirely dependent on weather conditions.

But Fukutsu has other and more accessible scenic landscapes, such as the Fukutsu Sea Mirror.
This phenomenon can be viewed on Miyajihama, a 3-km-long sandy beach that stretches between Tsuyazaki and Fukuma, when the shallow water at low tide reflects the sky like a mirror. You can see the Fukutsu Sea Mirror when the following conditions are met. (consider yourself extra lucky if low tide coincides with the sunset!)

• When it is low tide and the tidal range is large (preferably during a spring tide once every 2 weeks, and lasts for several days)
• When there is little wind and the surface of the water is calm
• About 30 minutes~1 hour before the tide completely ebbs

No matter how you pose, silhouettes make for the best photos, so timing is key.

>> Fukutsu Sea Mirror official website
Even if you miss the Fukutsu Sea Mirror, you can still take breathtaking photos during the so-called golden hour when the light starts to dim right around sunset. Be careful! Although it’s called the golden hour, it only lasts about 30 minutes. Make sure you get to the beach with enough time to relax and enjoy the scenery before getting ready for your photoshoot.

There are several cafes and marine sports shops along the beach. With excellent access to the sea, many people come here to windsurf and SUP.

Seaside Access and Parking

30-minute walk from JR Fukuma Station
20-minute walk from Nishitetsu Bus Fukumakyoku-mae stop

Fukutsu City Tourist Information Station—Beach House
4-15-1 Nishifukuma, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka
* Parking: Free, Toilets: Yes

Fukuma Fishing Port & Seaside Park Parking Lot
3-47-1 Nishifukuma, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka
* Parking: Free (150 spots)

Bocco Villa

Enjoy the sea breeze from a seat on the spacious terrace.
There are 40 seats inside and 40 on the terrace, where pets are allowed, so Bocco Villa is a great place to wait for the golden hour. There are also guest villas on the second floor, so if you stay, you can let the sound of the waves lull you to sleep and wake up right next to the beach.

Bocco Villa
4-15-37 Nishifukuma, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka
Tel. 0940-34-3050
Open: 11:30 ~ 19:00
Closed: Mon. (open if hol., falls on Mon.)

Umi no Iro

The counter seats in this sushi restaurant offer a direct view of the horizon.
Enjoy sushi masterfully prepared by chefs who use fresh seafood landed at the nearby Tsuyazaki fishing port. There’s nothing like enjoying fresh sushi with a view of the ocean.

Umi no Iro
4-10-10 Nishifukuma, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka
Tel. 0940-43-6600
Open: 11:30~ L.O. 14:30, 17:30 ~ L.O 19:30
Sat., Sun., hol.: 11:00 ~ L.O 14:30,
Two sessions at night (17:00 ~ 18:30, 18:30 ~ 20:00) *entry and exit during each session. No reservation required.
Closed: Tue.

Irie Cafe

This independent beachside cafe is a popular spot with locals and visitors alike.
Many nearby residents frequent the cafe for lunch. You can also purchase the sweets, hand-made by the owner Airi, to go. Terrace seats are also available when the weather is good.

Irie Cafe
4-2-15 Miyajihama, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka
Tel. 080-8567-3902
Open: 12:00~17:00
Closed: Mon. ~ Fri. (open only Sat. and Sun.)

Seagull Inn

If you like marine sports, then look no further than the Seagull Inn.
This long-standing club is run by an active mother-daughter team who have dedicated their lives to marine sports. Beginners will enjoy the marine sports lesson plan, including SUP, a seaside workout, and windsurfing for ¥3,800 plus tax (includes wetsuit and equipment rental). More experienced visitors can rent just the equipment for ¥3,800 plus tax (includes wetsuit and rental fee).

In need of a workout? Then try Seagull Inn’s SUPNESS class, where you can get in shape on an original amphibious board. You can also take lessons in the indoor studios or receive a personal training session on the deck as you gaze at the sunset.

Seagull Inn
4-15-27 Nishifukuma, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka
Tel. 0940-43-2661
Open: 9:00 ~ sunset (marine sport)
Closed: Tue.

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Published: Mar 30, 2021 / Last Updated: Mar 30, 2021

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