Kaguyahime Parade

START: Oct 27, 2012 END: Oct 27, 2012

Fukuoka’s newest autumn festival “Fukuoka Matsuri Gekkasai” debuts tomorrow 10/27 (Sat.) in the Tenjin area. The parade is based on the oldest Japanese children’s fairytale “Story of Taketori” which was written at the beginning of Heian period. The main character of the story is Taketori’s beautiful stepdaughter ‘Kaguya-hime’, whom the parade honors. For the main parade, one of three mikoshi (divine palanquin/portable shrine) will carry the actress playing the moon princess “Kaguyahime” along with a procession of around 300 female students from Maizuru Primary School and locals wearing traditional Heian period costumes. At ten spots on the course, including Iwataya, the Kaguyahime will come down from the mikoshi and dance. It’s the first time for this parade to happen in Tenjin area. As part of the festival there is also a Kaguyahime dance display at Maizuru Park from 12:00~13:00, and local music performances on a temporary stage at Kego Shrine from 10:00~20:00. The festival’s finale features special guests- pop duo “ISIS”, who will perform at Kego Shrine from 19:15~.

• 10/27 (Sat.) 12:00~
• Kego shrine~Maizuru Park, Nishi Hiroba
• Free

• 12:00~13:00 at Maizuru Park: Kaguyahime Dance
• 16:00~19:00 around Tenjin: Kaguyahime Parade
• 10:00 ~ 20:00 Kego shrine temporary stage live performance of local band.

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Published: Oct 26, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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