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3월 후쿠오카 가이드

It might be spring here in Fukuoka, but up in Nagano Prefecture it’s still winter. After a short 85 minute flight from Fukuoka, we found ourselves in a winter wonderland. Read about our visit to the old post town of Narai-juku, snowshoeing in the forest, and our visits to wineries and sake breweries and more! Back in Fukuoka we introduce you to Butcher Kego Honten, a top shelf steak house, then Jidori Ramen Hayakawa, a soy-based free range chicken ramen shop, next to Green Bean to Bar Chocolate, a cafe where you can watch chocolate being made, and finally we take you to a whisky drinkers’ paradise, Hearts Field. March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day around the world and we have a list of where you can enjoy a mug of fresh Guinness. Our seasonal guides include one for Yanagawa Hina Festival, Itoshima’s oyster huts and Fukuoka Now’s very own Fukuoka Sakura and Ohanami Guide. And as usual, lots of fun events to check out!

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BUTCHER 케고 본점Gourmet

green bean to bar CHOCOLATECafe

지도리 라멘 하야카와Noodle

Hearts Field(하트 필드)Bar

유채꽃이 만개한 노코노시마에서 즐기는 산책Feature

Yame Cherry Blossom Tour (Mar. 2018)Sightseeing

Yanagawa Hina Festival 2018Feature

Shiojiri – Winter Experience in Japan Feature

Itoshima’s Oyster HutsFeature

St. Patrick’s Day 2018 in FukuokaFeature

Fukuoka Sakura and Ohanami Guide 2018Feature

21st Kurume Kasuri Ai, Ai, Deai (Indigo, Love, Encounter) Festival


다자이후 텐만구 쿄쿠스이노엔

“thought” Exhibition & Market 6th

제8회 치쿠고 소주 쿠라비라키

일본 매실주 축제 in 후쿠오카 2018

전국 도자기 페어 in 후쿠오카 2018

후쿠오카 아시아 콜렉션(FACo) 2018 SS

후쿠오카성 벚꽃 축제

봄, 큐슈 제일 불꽃놀이 대회

Fukuoka City
Published: Feb 28, 2018 / Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018