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May 2017 Fukuoka Now

Japanese national holidays including Showa Day, Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day and Children’s Day are all lumped near the first week of May and for many it’s truly a Golden Week! The skies are blue and the air is warm and without humidity. Enjoy it while it lasts! Dontaku is the big festival and naturally Fukuoka Now has a guide for you. This month we introduce a great robatayaki-style izakaya and a shochu bar that serves wonderful ramen; or is it a noodle shop that serves splendid shochu? It’s unique. And so is our bar selection, Fructus GS – Ginger Stand which specializes in ginger beverages (with or without alcohol). And for cake connoisseurs we take you to Jacques Ohori, easily one of the finest such shops in all of Kyushu, trust us. Once again we have some pages to remind you about Nishitetsu’s money saving bus and train passes and we have a special introduction to Ippudo’s new standing sake bar. Join us at the first “Sake Sampler Night” on May 26 from 19:00 at Ippudo on Nishi-dori in Fukuoka – of course!

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햐쿠시키 – Gourmet

자크 오호리점 – Cafe

모구라가 오레오 욘데이루 – Noodle

Fructus GS – 진저 스탠드 – Bar

잇푸도에서 즐기는 사케 – Feature

후쿠오카 시내 관광 시에는 버스가 편리합니다! – Feature

새 단장을 마친 마린 월드 우미노나카미치 – Feature

Hakata Dontaku 2017 Guide – Guide

Clam Digging Guide 2017 – Guide


제114회 아리타 도자기 페어

코이시와라 봄의 도자기 축제

홋카이도 페어 in 후쿠오카

제28회 고코쿠 신사 벼룩시장

후지하치만구 카와와타리 진코사이

A급 고메 페어 2017 in JR하카타시티

6월 하카타자 카부키 후나노리코미

미야지다케 신사 창포 축제

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Published: Apr 27, 2017 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017