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Bake Cheese Tart Opens in Tenjin, Fukuoka

The newest branch of Bake Cheese Tart is opening right here in Fukuoka (hot on the heels of their first overseas store, which just opened in Hong Kong), and Fukuoka Now was invited to their pre-opening event!

bake opening sep 2015  001

Bake is bringing sunshine underground. Nestled in Tenjin Chikagai, the shops presents a minimalist visage: dark grey walls and counters, and exposed, almost industrial-style light bulbs. This creates the perfect backdrop to accentuate the vibrant yellow of their delicious tarts.

bake opening sep 2015  002

It may look like a cup of sunshine, but the taste is far more substantial: the thick, crumbly crust contrasts with the light, creamy texture of the cheese filling. This tart perfectly balances sweetness and salt, so it’s no wonder that Bake’s original store in Hokkaido sells four million of them a year.

bake opening sep 2015  003

Bake has spent years perfecting the recipe. The cheese filling uses three kinds of carefully-selected cheeses (two from Hokkaido, the cheese capital of Japan), and they double bake the tart casing to get it extra crisp. All the tarts are made in a centralised location, then shipped out to the different stores to be finished off at the on site kitchens (the Fukuoka branch has an open kitchen). This not only means that the tarts are always fresh, but that, no matter which store you visit, you will be sure to experience the same delicious taste as what made Bake famous originally (at ¥216 a pop, tax included).

bake opening sep 2015  004

Bake keeps it simple. They don’t sell different flavours, or even different sizes of tart (but you can buy a pack of six for ¥1,242), and they don’t sell drinks. The tarts can be enjoyed in three different ways: fresh and crisp from the store, firm and moist after being kept in the fridge, or warm and fluffy after being heated in your oven toaster.

bake opening sep 2015  005

Even the muted interior promotes the idea that there should be no distraction from the texture and flavour of these tarts which have been so carefully perfected. The emphasis here is very much on doing one thing, and doing it very, very well!

bake opening sep 2015  006

Bake Cheese Tart opens tomorrow, Thu., Sep. 17, 2015.

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Bake Cheese Tart
• Address: 4 East Avenue (shop no. 225), Tenjin Chikagai, 2-chome Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• Hours: 09:00~21:00

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Published: Sep 16, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016