“Street Garden” on Tenjin Meiji-dori

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From Hakata to Tenjin and all the way to Maizuru Park the signs of Spring are here as tulips bloom from mid-March to Mid-April. Food stalls (some selling sake), will be set up along the sidewalk on Meiji-dori in front of the Fukuoka Building and the Meiji-dori Cafe along with illumination street art. Suijo Park will also have art on display.

• 3/18 (Sat.) ~ 3/26 (Sun.)
• Free entry
• Meiji-dori
• Tenjin Meiji-dori Cafe: 1-10-24 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
• 092-734-8750 (10:00~17:00 We Love Tenjin)

Food stalls on street in front of Fukuoka Building
• Weekdays: 17:00~20:00
• Sat. ~ Sun. & Hol.: 15:00~20:00
Food stalls on street in front of Meiji-dori Cafe
• 3/18 (Sat.) ~ 3/20 (Mon. Hol.), 3/25 (Sat.) ~ 3/26 (Sun.)
• 11:00~17:00


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