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Flying High with Yoshihide Muroya

On Sep. 4, Fukuoka Now’s Nick Szasz had the ride of his life with Japan’s top aerobatic pilot, Yoshihide Muroya (Red Bull Air Race World Championship Race Pilot 2009~10). The ten minute flight at Saga Airport included 4G turns, loops, rolls, spins, and stalls.

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship returns next year with seven stops around the world including Malaysia, China, UK, Poland, and America. The series took a three-year break to reorganize and improve safety. Competitors race in high-performance airplanes between 50 and 80 feet above the ground and navigate an obstacle course of air gate pylons at up to 230 mph.

Watch Nick panic on video:

Red Bull Media Flight / Sep. 4, 2013
Pilot: Yoshihide Muroya
Plane: Extra 200
Location: Saga Airport, Kyushu, Japan
Video shot on GoPro Hero 3
Music: Danger Zone
Video editing: Dennis Medvedchikov

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1red bull air 2013 orihara 1752
2red bull air 2013 orihara 1750
3red bull air 2013 orihara 1751
4red bull air 2013 orihara 1753
5red bull air 2013 orihara 1745

Published: Sep 19, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016