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Aug 2015 Fukuoka Now

Fukuoka is beginning to sizzle (or rather, steam) as the temperature rises, so Fukuoka Now’s 200th issue focuses on kakigori: the perfect sweet treat for beating the heat. Whether you like your shaved ice traditional, fruity, or with an alcoholic kick, we’ve got just the place for you. Want to escape the baking city? Check out this month’s spot, Atago Shrine; nestled next to the beautiful temple and 180° viewpoint is a traditional tea shop (which sells creamy matcha kakigori). For the most intricately brewed iced coffee you’ve ever had, check out our cafe recommendation: San-sui Mizudashi Coffee. Our gourmet review focuses on Yoshizuka Unagiya, a 140 year-old, riverside eel restaurant. If you’re here for the noodles, we reported on local favourite Udon Wasuke. Online, our Fireworks Guide and Beach Guide are here to help you make your summer the prettiest yet! Plus, as always, we’ve got all the details for Fukuoka Prefecture’s hottest events, our city map, and the City Hall’s bulletin.

This Month: August 2015
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Gourmet: Yoshizuka Unagiya
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Kakigori: 2015 Guide
Kakigori Small

Fukuoka City Bulletin: August 2015
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Fukuoka Topic: The Ruins of Itazuke
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Also New Online!

Lotus Report

Beach Guide 2015

Fireworks Guide 2015

Pinkberry Opening

Hiking Guide

PLUS Special Discounts to the Hottest Parties!

Sunset Live:
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DJ Land:
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And don’t forget our event listings!
Events Summary

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