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Brooklyn Parlor HAKATA – New Open!

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Today we attended the press event for Brooklyn Parlor a brand new cafe dining bar located on the ground floor of Hakata Riverain, Fukuoka. The first Brooklyn Parlor, produced by Blue Note Japan opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 2009. Fukuoka is the second city to get what will likely become a new small chain for adults with discerning tastes. It opens to the public on April 24. The stunning space is a collaborative work of well-known Japanese interior, art, illustration directors. Wood, bricks and a roughly finished concrete floor along with a mix of seating styles makes for a stylish yet comfortable place for just drinks or a meal.



The “book director” has stocked the shelves over 1,100 carefully selected Japanese books, many related to art of one kind or another. Naturally as a product of Blue Note Japan, music is a key element. Towards the back of the room there’s a stage that will be used for small-scale live performances and DJ sets. The full menu wasn’t ready for us to inspect but we did get to sample three items: the enormous Hamburger with Fries (¥1,000. Includes salad and unlimited refills for soft drinks and coffee when ordered as lunch), Cob Salad with boiled egg, avocado, tomato, smoked chicken, shrimp and blue cheese (¥1,150), and the Berry Sundae – Lime Flavor (¥700). The hamburger wasn’t just huge, it was delicious! So big and juicy that they serve it with a special paper sleeve to catch the juices as you bite in! It’s served with thin cut fries and a real dill pickle. Brooklyn Brewery Lager (¥700/330ml) is the beer of choice on tap and its slightly bitter taste is a good match for the burgers. As a cafe space it’s also ideal with free WiFi and some tables with handy electric outlets. No cover or table charge.


Brooklyn Parlor HAKATA

1F Hakata Riverain, 3-1 Shimokawabata, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Open: 10:30 ~ 23:00

Closed: undecided


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Published: Apr 23, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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