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Chocolate Festival: Salon du Chocolat 2018 – Report

The Salon du Chocolat 2018 opens today, Jan. 25 in Iwataya, but Fukuoka Now attended a pre-open event on the 24th. Check out our photos taken at the event. Prepare to drool! A total of 119 brands from eleven countries are represented at one of Kyushu’s largest chocolate festivals!

The annual event was first held in Paris during October 1995, and this year marks the tenth time for the Salon du Chocolat to be staged in Fukuoka. The festival provides shoppers with the opportunity to talk directly with chocolatiers from all over the world and learn more about the history of various brands. Committed to excellence, the producers participating in the event offer an impressive range of chocolates.

With Valentine’s Day approaching you might think the event is targeted towards people shopping for gifts, but not all. We saw and spoke with many people who were there to shop for themselves.

This year’s theme is “Welcome to the Chocolate Labyrinth!” Selection boxes filled with original adventure-themed chocolates from around the world are a great way to experience the creations of various brands. A bean to bar display provides information about where chocolate is produced, what are the raw ingredients, and how chocolate is manufactured. So, it’s not just a sweet fest, it’s educational too!

Special daily dessert plates made by top chefs in Fukuoka will be available for ¥1,944. Learn about their dishes directly from the chefs in person! Reservations required. (Call 092-721-1111, from January 26 to February 5.)

A Jean-Paul Hévin cafe and Shiseido Eat-in Parlor have eat-in spaces inside the venue. A limited-edition Amaou strawberry parfait covered in chocolate sauce (¥1,681) will be on offer until January 30! We tried it and it was “berry good!”

So – head on over to the 7th floor of Iwataya for fine chocolates for yourself or for Valentines. Why not!

Salon du Chocolat 2018
• 1/25 (Thu.) ~ 2/14 (Wed.)
• 10:00~20:00
• 7F Main Building, Iwataya
2-5-35 Chuo-ku, Tenjin
• 092-721-1111

Life-size chocolate sculptures of penguins made by a leading chocolatier in Paris, Patrick Roger, greets visitors on the first floor of Iwataya. Ninety-seven of these chocolate penguins are in Paris, one is in Tokyo, and Fukuoka is lucky to have the other two. Come and take your photo with them! NOTE: This display ends on Jan. 30.

Naohisa Inoue, Head Chef at Shiseido Parlour Ginza Main Store was in attendance at a pop-up shop in Iwataya that runs until Jan. 30 only.

Published: Jan 25, 2018 / Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018

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