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Christmas Market 2019

What’s a Christmas Market?

These market-style events originated in Germany and are usually held in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The first Fukuoka Christmas Market was held in 2013, and it has continued to grow ever since. In 2017 about 4.2 million people are thought to have attended! This year the Christmas markets will begin on Nov. 12 in Hakata, and Nov. 28 in Tenjin. Next door to the Tenjin venue is another area inside Elgala Passage, and this year there’s a new fourth area in Tenjin IMS. Both the Tenjin and Hakata venues will be seasonally decorated and feature high-spirited stage performances. Stalls will sell delicious mulled wine, hot chocolate, festive foods, and traditional Christmas decorations. And it’s not only eating, drinking and shopping – there’s lots of live entertainment too. Every night is different. And don’t forget to get one of this year’s three official festival mugs. For ¥1,000 you get a mug filled with hot mulled wine – or rich hot chocolate!


Walk around amongst uncountable sparkling illuminations in front of JR Hakata Station. Enjoy the many food, beverages, seasonal shops, and the art of 100 artists on display!

• 11/12 (Tue.) ~ 12/25 (Wed.)
• Weekdays 16:45~23:00, Sun. and hol. 12:00~23:00, Fri. and day before hol. 16:45~23:30, Sat. 12:00~23:30
• JR Hakata Ekimae Hiroba
1-1 Hakataeki-chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka


Bring your camera and pose for shots with 100 life-sized Santa figurines. Lots of seasonal food and beverage booths and live entertainment!

• 11/28 (Thu.) ~ 12/25 (Wed.)
• Weekdays 17:00~22:00, Sat., Sun. and hol. 12:00~22:00
• Fukuoka City Hall Fureai Hiroba, Elgala Passage, IMS
1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

Common Stalls

Get your very own official Fukuoka Christmas Market mug, filled with mulled wine made with cinnamon and other spices. For those who aren’t too fond of sweet drinks, try the hot whisky instead!

Cafe Krone
Enjoy a wide assortment of beverages from European bottled beers, ten kinds of draft beer, sparkling wine, and hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Candle House
Beautiful candle holders made from traditional German clay craft. Place a candle inside and get in the Christmas mood.

Pokka & Wolly
Special limited sale of reindeer hide rugs from Finland, German-made sheep hide rugs and more.

Gifts from Afar
Matryoshka, the Russian folk craft of an unending sequence of wooden dolls inside wooden dolls. Hand painted in the Ukraine.

Hakata Stalls

Butcher of the World
A Christmas Market classic! Enjoy iconic spiral sausages from the German butcher “Stephan”. Want more meat? Try the plump and juicy 40-cm long “One Pound Hot Dog”!

Cheese Steak Factory
Steamed potatoes and a savory steak covered in a 4-cheese sauce. Goes great with wine or European beers!

Hot Chocolate
Melt a cube of raw chocolate into your hot cocoa for an extra-rich chocolatey flavor. Served in a festival mug!

Hot Whisky Bar
New! Black tea flavored original whisky and other various whiskys served hot and in festival mugs.

Art of Glass
Adorable Christmas ornaments, such as a mini Santa Claus, reindeer, pine tree and more, from the famous Otaru glass workshop (Hokkaido).

Tenjin Stalls

Turkey & Grilled Marshmallow
It’s not Christmas without turkey! Bite into a juicy smoked turkey leg roasted on the bone. Grill huge marshmallows to your liking too!

Baked Potato
New! Freshly baked and piping hot potatoes topped with garlic butter, cheese, bacon, and sweet corn.

A freshly baked rolled pastry from Hungary now popular on street corners across Europe. Eat it while it’s hot!

Fukuoka City
Published: Nov 25, 2019 / Last Updated: Nov 26, 2019