46th Kurume Water Festival

START: Aug 3, 2017 END: Aug 5, 2017

Kurume’s huge water-themed festival sees all kinds of performances take place in the downtown area of the city. Meiji-dori Street will be pedestrianized during the event and provide the backdrop to some fantastic dance troupes! The annual event welcomes visitors in tens of thousands and comes to a close with the Chikugo-gawa Fireworks Festival, one of the largest fireworks displays in Kyushu. A big stage will be constructed in the Rokkukudo Plaza, which will host all kinds of attractions on the evening of Aug. 3, including a lottery draw that will give guests the chance to win some big prizes.

• 8/3 (Thu.) ~ 8/5 (Sat.)
• 18:00~21:00 (Thur.)
• 13:00~21:10 (Fri.)
• 19:40~21:10 (Sat.: Chikugo River Fireworks Festival)
• Free
Meiji-dori Street, 9-1 Mutsumon-machi, Kurume
• 0942-31-1717

Published: Aug 3, 2017 / Last Updated: Aug 3, 2017