Fuigo Women’s Blindfolded Sumo

START: Dec 8, 2019 END: Dec 8, 2019

Ladies, it’s time to test your hidden blindfolded sumo skills at the annual Fuigo Women’s Blindfolded Sumo which in Itoshima. The complete lack of vision is not only a humorous twist to the sport but is symbolic of the hardship the wrestlers (and everyone else) face in everyday life as they head towards an unknown future. Exclusive to female contestants, the rules are simple; find your opponent while sitting on your knees, and take her down! Though wrestling isn’t bone-crushingly raw, both strength and skill are important. Audiences are known to get a little rowdy as they loudly cheer on their favorite contestants. Women who want to participate are advised to arrive early.

• 12/8 (Sun.)
• 11:00~, sumo: 12:00~
• Free viewing
• Masue Goro Inari Shrine
575 Nijo-masue, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
092-322-2098 (Itoshima Tourist Association)

Published: Nov 26, 2019 / Last Updated: Nov 26, 2019