Gardening World Cup Flower Show 2012 in Japan at Huis Ten Bosch

START: Sep 29, 2012 END: Oct 8, 2012

The annual Gardening World Cup Flower Show is the perfect time to visit Huis Ten Bosch– Sasebo’s 152-hectare, medieval 17th century Dutch resort town! Established as a tribute to the shared history and culture of Holland and Nagasaki, the resort took five years to build on reclaimed land, and opened in 1992. As one of the top flower resorts in the world, it boasts over 400,000 trees, 300,000 flowers and six kilometers of canals, and every year it hosts this gardening world cup event! The theme of this year’s Gardening World Cup Flower Show is “Gardens for Peace”. There are two categories. The “Show Garden” category features 12 world class gardeners from 10 countries, who gather and compete (with 100 sq.m large gardens) to win the World title. The “Small Garden” category features fifteen 12 sq.m gardens. Visitors can enjoy special events such as garden tours guided by top gardeners, flower arrangement demonstrations, seminars and more! There’s also a range of booths to browse, offering gardening goods and local foods.

• 9/29 (Sat.)~10/8 (Mon.)
• 9:00~20:00
• Various tickets (check official web)
• Palace Huis Ten Bosch
• Sasebo City, Nagasaki

Published: Sep 21, 2012 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017

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