Hikari no Michi Medetai & Good Fortune Sweets Fair 2021

START: Oct 1, 2021 END: Oct 31, 2021

Fukutsu is dotted with spectacular spots such as the “Hikari no Michi “(Path of Light) up high at Miyajidake Shrine and down on the beach the “Kagami no Umi” (Fukutsu Sea Mirror). October is the best time to see the “Hikari no Michi,” which can only be enjoyed twice a year (October and February.) Timed to this, restaurants along the coast of Fukutsu serve dishes made with wild red sea bream, a specialty of the city, and sweets with the Path of Light as a motif.

Hikari no Michi Medetai & Good Fortune Sweets Fair 2021
• 2021/10/1 (Fri.) ~ 10/31 (Sun.)
Fukutsu City area

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Hikari no Michi – Medetai (red sea bream) Fair

The sea stretching beyond the approach to Miyajidake Shrine is the Genkai Sea, known for its high-quality wild red sea bream. In addition to Fukutsu’s local specialty, “Tai Chazuke,” you can enjoy other dishes such as fish and chips, pasta, and other specialties offered by the 18 participating restaurants.
• 2021/10/1 (Fri.) ~ 10/31 (Sun.)
• List of participating restaurants:

Wild Red Seabream Fish & Chips ¥1,100  (reservations required)

Tomato soup risotto with red sea bream ¥1,980
Seaside Kitchen MIU

Red sea bream chazuke ¥1,500
Minshuku Masago

Prosciutto-style red sea bream salsa sandwich ¥1,320
Hana Curry Ginger

Hikari no Michi – Good Fortune Sweets Fair

Take a break from beachcombing and strolling with sweets! The 22 participating cafes and shops offer a variety of unique items, such as creative desserts with motifs of torii gates and “Paths of Light,” and sweets using Fukutsu’s special apricots. Many of the items are available for take-out so that you can take them home as gifts too.
• 2021/10/1 (Fri.) ~ 10/31 (Sun.)
• List of participating restaurants:

Hikari no Michi chocolate mousse ¥450
Patisserie Etoiles

Hikari no Michi Kaiun sea bream monaka ¥150
Sasabune Tsuyuzaki Shop

Hikari no Michi brioche ¥380
Cafe & Brioche Nico Beach

Hikari no Michi croffle ¥1,000
Café Malibu

Miyajidake Shrine – Path of Light

Published: Sep 29, 2021 / Last Updated: Sep 29, 2021