Hojoya Festival 2020

START: Sep 12, 2020 END: Sep 18, 2020

With a history of over a thousand years, the Hojoya festival consoles the souls of all living creatures and gives thanks to the autumn harvest. Its street events attract countless visitors from around Fukuoka each year. However, under the impact of the new coronavirus spread, the festival will run only shinto rituals amongst the priests and other limited supporters in 2020.

“As found in the name of the festival, ‘hojo (放生: to release captured animals)’ and ‘ya (会: shinto ritual),’ the autumn event embraces lives, imposes disciplines against killing them, and appreciates the blessing of the nature. It reminds people of all the unvoiced sacrifices that were made to support human lives. The festival not only completes the joy of autumn in Hakata but also provides a rare opportunity to ponder over those souls.”
Fall 2020
Hakozaki Shrine, Kunikazu Tamura

Ritual schedule
Sept. 12 (Sat.) Shonichi-sai (初日祭/first day event), Kenka-sai (献菓祭/sweets dedication)
Sept. 13 (Sun.) Futsuka-sai (二日祭/second day event)
Sept. 14 (Mon.) Mikka-sai (三日祭/third day event)
Sept. 15 (Tue.) Hojoya Reitai-sai (放生会例大祭/ the most important ritual for Hakozaki Shrine), Kubara-ke Kuyo Kigan (久原本家供養祈願/service for lives of flying fish and more), Kenka-sai (献華祭/ flower dedication)
Sept. 16 (Wed.) Itsuka-sai (五日祭/fifth day event), Kencha-sai (献茶祭/ tea dedication)
Sept. 17 (Thu.) Muika-sai (六日祭/sixth day event), Fukuya Kuyo Kigan (ふくや供養祈願/ Thanksgiving event, service for lives of pollack and more)
Sept. 18 (Fri.) Nou-sai (納祭/offering ceremony), Hojoya ritual (sending off baby fish to river)

・Sep. 12 (Sat.) ~ Sep. 18 (Fri.)
・Hakozaki Shrine
1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka

Published: Aug 31, 2020 / Last Updated: Aug 31, 2020