Ippudo Stand Presents 4th Sake Sampler Night

START: Aug 24, 2017 END: Aug 24, 2017

Scheduled every fourth Thursday of the month, Ippudo Stand announces its 4th Sake Sampler Night to be held on August 24. Drop by with friends, enjoy good sake and meet the master brewer for sake recommendations as well as learn all about sake etiquette.

The next Sake Sampler Night is on August 24!

How much and what’s included? ¥1,500 (2 local sake with 2 paired side dishes) or ¥1,500 (4 kinds of sake tasting)

“Ippudo Stand” – How it Works!
At a typical ramen joint, you get right down to the noodles. Not here. Once you’re inside under the festive lanterns, your first stop should be the drinks menu, where from 3pm onward sake takes pride of place. Local liquor stores select their favorite brands from across Japan to create a compact yet comprehensive menu – and with a helpful English guide too. Pair your drink with an appetizer or two, or three… at around ¥180 each, snacks like tempura sliders, squid dumplings and onion rings are hard to resist. Just try to save room for ramen at the end (smaller servings are available if you can’t manage a full bowl)! It’s a concept borrowed from Ippudo’s New York restaurant, now available to try right here in Ippudo’s hometown.

Our sake expert for 8/24 (Thu.) is Mr. Kiyotaka Kanda from Hananoka, a sake brewery in Tamana, Kumamoto Prefecture.

• 8/24 (Thu.) (every 4th Thursday of the month)
• 18:00~22:00
• ¥1,500 (2 local sake with 2 paired side dishes, or 4 kinds of sake tasting)
• Ippudo Tenjin Nishi-dori / Ippudo Stand
1-12-61 Daimyo, Chuo-ku
• 092-707-3202

Published: Aug 1, 2017 / Last Updated: Aug 24, 2017

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